Here we have created a space to answer some of the sticky questions that cross peoples minds! 


What is the difference between UMF and MGO?

MGO (methylglyoxal ) and UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) are the most recognised units when measuring the MGO content in Manuka honey. Below is a table of the conversion between these two which gives you better understanding and confidence when purchasing our honey. 



MGO 263 = UMF10
MGO 514 = UMF15
MGO 829 = UMF20
Are there any additives in our honey?

No, all of our honey is 100% nectar sourced from flowers all over New Zealand’s wilderness.

Why us?

Kingdom Honey ensures all our customers get the best quality honey through good customer relationship and our ability to produce Manuka from untouched areas of New Zealand. Our honey is handpicked by expert beekeepers within Kingdom Honey to ensure quality is at its best.

Is our honey testing accurate and reputable?

Our robust honey testing ensures that multiple samples of the raw honey extracted from the hive are sent directly to the Hills testing facility. Samples are not tampered with and every batch is tested and certified for export sale. For more information please visit: 


How Do you pack your honey?

All our honey is packed in an RMP Facility here in New Zealand guaranteeing that our range of products across the world find you exactly how they leave New Zealand. 

How do we get in touch with you?

whether it’s a general query or a request, our team are all ears and welcome any feedback and questions! Please click the link here  to touch base with us

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